Seminar Schedule

2019 Seminars High Plains Decorative Artists

Sandy McTier Seminar
April 13 and 14, 2019

High Plains Decorative Artists    High Plains Chapter - Sandy McTier

"Summer Flowers" on Saturday with acrylics.
"Stylin Day" - Sunday it’s all about creating unique, one of a kind purses, boots, shoes, wallets, etc. We’ll use DecoArt’s new Stylin paints along with stamps, stencils and more!

Cost:  $100 for both days.
$50 for one day, but the student must find someone to take the other day.

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Other Colorado Seminars

Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter

Wendy Goldberg - April 27, 2019
High Plains Decorative Artists - Wendy Goldberg class

Paula Leopold - October 5, 2019

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