Seminar Schedule 2021

High Plains Decorative Artists

Feb 6, 2021  Beth Wagner - Winter Bouquet via Zoom
HPDA co-sponsered with PPDP

Registration is open
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Beth Wagner
$30.00 seminar fee.  16 x 20 canvas or surface of
your choice. Only the pattern will be provided.

Deb Mishima
Mar 13th at 10 AM
$30.00 seminar fee
High Plaina Decorative Artists - Chapter of SDP

Sandy LeFlore via Zoom

April 10th at 10 AM
$30.00 seminar fee
HPDA Chapter of SDP

Linda Sharp, MDA
June 26th.
Seminar fee $30.00
Linda Sharp, MDA


Mark Polomchak seminar is being rescheduled for August 2022
Co-sponsored with RMHi Chapter

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Other Colorado Seminars

Rocky Mountain Hi - Colored Pencils
Paula Leopold, CDA

March 20, 2021
Open to all chapters. Seminar fee is $40.00
RMHi Chapter - Paula Leopold, CDA